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Originally Posted by Luke91 View Post
Cut by choice at 13 so I have seen it both ways. I like being cut much better. The reasons I like being cut are: 1. much easier to keep clean. Never any of that white stuff and never a bad smell. 2. Always Feels great when bare head rubbs on undies and sheets at night. 3. Looks better in my opinion. When I had a foreskin, I thought I looked like an anteater. 4. Many think it is healthier, including the American baby doctors Association who this week said they recommend circumcision for baby boys. It is proven to reduce the chances HIV, cancer, and infection.
What do I prefer? uncut

I'm uncut and love it. Would never get cut even if someone paid me lots of money. Never had white stuff (smegma) or a bad smell. Cleaning is super easy...and fun too. I love the way it looks. Even if I didn't, that would not make me get cut. BTW, the AMA is the ONLY medical organization that says the benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks. Funny how the rest of the ENTIRE PLANET does not agree with them. The foreskin is there for a reason. Guys are born with it and it works.
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