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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Hey guys, sorry if I am repeating threads, but I am really worry about this. Why I am gay?. I am a 13 y.o boy and since ages I was attracted to boys. But I donít know why. What happened to me? I just born this way? Someone molested me and I donít remember? I am not a girly boy, I donít like to dress like a girl o do girls stuff. For me girls are totally boring. My best friends are straight, I play soccer, xbox, I have a lil bro living with my dad. I swear I canít remember something from my past related to being gay or having gay experiences. I am gay. I Know that. I like boys, I am not curious, or even BI. Why this happened to me? I heard If you have some relative gays, maybe it was transmitted from my that right? But I do not have any gay relatives. I am just a regular boy. Of course nobody knows this. Last year I had a gay experience with my best friend from the soccer team. I liked it. Thatís it. I donít want to change, but Why I am gay? Why I canít be like my friends that are chasing girls or BJ/HJ from them? They come home for sleepovers, and we talk about girlsÖand ďoh yes would be great having a a BJ from Susan or PattyĒ.. We just play xbox, never watch porn stuff cuz I donít like that..I am just playing my str8 role. My escape is Skype there I can be myself, nobody knows me. I donít want to come out either. No way. Catholic school.
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