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Originally Posted by Xodus
LOcation Location location......The US would not go to Cuba, Cuba is waay to close to the United States, You think because we're the strongest that we wont be attacked....Cuba could easily attack us..
Why the hell would we go to Cuba. Like i said earlier, they are not threatening our country in any way right now. Cuba COULD attack us, but Fidel wouldn't dare. He knows dam well what will happen to him if he does.

Its not just The US telling telling N. Korea to stop. Its the US, its England, Germany, France, and the UN. N. Korea has the capability of hitting anybody in the world. Of course Bush is afraid of him. Him and everyone else in the world. But if N. Korea bombs us, we will hit them so much harder. If N. Korea hits us, then all of America will be for going to war with them. If anything, THAT would be justifiable.
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