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Originally Posted by ScotsGirl
Hey Cristina Im Lynne

Welcome to vt!!!

Originally Posted by AngelEyez0808
also love (this may sound a little strange) to do algebra. I think it is just so entertaining to sit down and do algebraic expressions, equations, inequalities, polynomials, rational expressions and slopes. I don't know how algebra sparked my interest but I think it’s brilliant .
OMG!!! ME TOO!!! Haha! im such a maths geek Wow, i dont think ive ever heard anyone else say, ever lol

Wow, that is so cool. I actually met another person who likes Algebra .
Your not the only one who never heard that, same here . I think you are the first .
Cool we can both be Math nerds and walk around looking for people to tutor , lol.
It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lynne .
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