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Originally Posted by TheDeepestDepths View Post
I was the same as you first time, I was still living with my parents at the time and was absolutely terrified one would walk in. It's always going to be awkward the first time. You're worried your doing it wrong/ someone's going to walk in/ if there's something wrong with what you're trying. and all of this leads to a build up of stress and you wonder if it's really worth it or it simply dampens your pleasure (which is always a great pity ). My advice is to relax (not very helpful I know) just concentrate at touching and feeling for a bit find out what you like, don't worry about how you're doing it or reaching orgasm or how long it's taking. Just explore, the orgasms will come, and likely faster if you're comfortable and relaxed.

To avoid the stress and paranoia that someone will walk in try doing it at night when everyone is asleep or lock your bedroom door. Other people like to masturbate using running water so in the shower is a good place to try it.

I like to masturbate in my bed and I love the feel of sheets on my bare skin so I strip my bottom half bare. But that's my personal preference, do what feels right for you, if you're new at it, try a couple of ways. Be adventurous! You may be surprised at what you like.
thank you so so sooo much! that litteraly anwsered all my questions! i have ankther question if thats ok?
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