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i am so tired of hearing people say that the reason other countries hate us is because they are jealous of us.......Wake up....We are dicks to the entire world. thats why they hate us.....

LOcation Location location......The US would not go to Cuba, Cuba is waay to close to the United States, You think because we're the strongest that we wont be attacked....Cuba could easily attack us..

Dont even get me started on N. Korea.....Bush is so afraid of them, all he is telling him is to stop ur Nuclear testing....Bush knows that if he messes with N. korea Kin Jong il...will bomb us w/out hesitation....and he can......

Boasting about Freedom over and over and over, is getting really old because we are not the only country with freedom.

People hate us and it isnt because they are jealous of us....they hate us because of our violent temperment.....i mean look at what we do to our own people every single never see things like that in other countries that have "freedom"

and as maximan said theres is so much 3rd world countries on Africa and people dying of hunger and Civil war.....and instead of going there to break it up and show peace, we got to Iraq which by the way had nothing to do with 9/11.....Bush looked stupid....and it shot his credibility.

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