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OIL OIL OIL!!! Wow popo, it want oil and never was oil. No one else here seems to be arguing oil but you.

Do you know why we didn't go after Cuba??? Because, right at this moment, he is not a threat. We went after Iraq and Saddam because we knew he was a reckless man, and would probably use them sometime in the near future. Cuba is Cuba. We knew that Fidel will not do anything. He knows what will happen if he does mess with us. BOOM, hes out of there if he even so much as sends a m8 fire cracker over here. Fidel is not stupid.

And Frankly, if N. Korea becomes even more of a threat, i believe Bush will go after him. And if Iran becomes a threat, he will go after him too. Those will both be backed heavily by the UN. Them making nukes just doesn't jeapordize us, it jeopardizes the world. Who knows, N Korea could go after China or S. Korea.

So you really think Bush has a globe and points his finger and said "o lets boom them because I'm the leader of the most powerful country in the world"? No, and to say that is idiotic. Do you know what he does in the oval office?? Do you know what he is doing when he is meeting with his staff? No, you do not.

How can you say the economy sucks? Every country has its ups and downs. It just happens. And since we are in a low right now, you should blame Bush?? No. Unemployment is 5.2%. .2% over what we would like it to be. Big fucking whoop. Some countries have a 50% unemployment, and you say we are losing jobs like nothing? Hardly.

Yes, Canadians do have their jobs, freedom, etc. But they are not the most powerful country in the World. People hate us because other countries are JELOUS!! Would anyone be jealous of canada's power? No. That's the only reason we have this problem. they want what we have, and they need to bring us down to make themselves feel good.
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