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OMG people!
fuck it!
Irag was invaded America took over there back water piss country in 2 fuckin weeks
There were no weapons of mass destruction because if there was and years later america the most powerful country on the planet STILL can't find them....well.....thats just embarasing and pathedic to an unimaginable level.
So there is no weapons okay accept it

There is absolutly nothing anyone can do about it now it happened, I think its rather pathedic that theres still car bombs going off all the time, the amount of friendly fire; like the canadians that were murdered in cold blood....If you want me to level with ya I honestly don't care I never knew'em its someone elses husband some other lil kids big daddy that got blown all to hell by a supposedly allied solider not mine.

People die all the time (I know i've barried many)
Countrys fall it happens hell look at the soviet union it colapsed in the early 90's.

Matt I don't care if sum guy takes a nuke and levels New York, Mexico city, hell they can blow B.C and Alberta right off the face of the planet leave nuthin but a huge ass crater uninhabitable due to radioactive fallout which would then cause the the koreans to see an opertunity they could not refuse which would inturn cause the russians, the chinese and the United Kingdom to go to def com 1 which would inevitably lead to a nuclear winter and the death of the entire human race along with everyother living thing on our planet. Because our counrtys are all lead by minipulative, power hungry, greedy, cowardly politicans and trigger happy admirals.

This is us....This is so called "humanity"

........I'm going to bed

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