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Default Re: Favorite TV Show

Originally Posted by alexkun View Post
oh gosh.. what can i say.. i love tv shows..

my favorites are... (currently on)

- Modern Family: Superultra hilarious.. makes me laugh so hard everytime.
- The Walking Dead: Men, im at the edge the whole hour.. its so good.. and the zombies.. well.. amazing..
- How I Met Your Mother: I love barney, he is so random.. lilly.. marshall.. oh.. i love them all.. i've had so much fun with them too.
- The Big Bang Theory: I think there's no need to explain how great is too see these guys messing with eachother..

But i'd also like to honor those tv series that are legendary and wont be forgotten:

- Prison Break
- Friends
- Heroes
- 24 (oh i enjoy every minute of it)
I love you, 'nuff said.


Anyway, to add onto my list above:

Judge Judy
The People's Court

(I can't think of anything else but I swear there is more.....

Kaya is my VT Sister
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