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he posed a huge threat, because we thought he had the capability of killing americans. oh, and its not that he was just posing a threat to the us, he was posing a threat to freedom and democracy in the world.

im going to add to nicks list with my own.

Things that have arisen from the the invasion of Iraq:

1. Suddam Hussien, harborer of terrorists and oppressor to his people, is no longer in power
2. There is no more gassing of the Kurds because of their religious beliefs
3. There are no more mass graves being dug because there are no more mass murders (see #1)
4. An internet and communications backbone has been established in the country
5. Democracy has triumphed in the face of evil
6. 26 million people got to vote for their own freedom for the first time in the history of the country
7. Thousands of terrorists are no longer a threat to liberty in the world
8. The world now knows the United States does not back down to percieved threat (whether that be domestic or to the peace of other peoples)
9. The oil wells (the entire economy of the country relies on the security of this resource) has been saved from destruction by terrorists

Bad things that have happened:

1. 10,000 civilians have been accidentally wonded/killed in the crossfire. (Keep in mind 6400 people die every hour in the world)

Go Freedom
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