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No it doesnt. My brain is fuzzy right now but the Iraq war was :
1) To get ride of a dictator that has murdered millions of people unlawfully.
2) To Get ride of a dictator that had WMD's and could use them at anytime.
a) We have not found the WMD's. I know this. Just remember that there is such a thing as hiding them
b) Sadam would not let UN inspectors in many locations thought to have WMD's.
3) To liberate millions of other Iraqies from dictatorship.
4) He harbored terrorists. A big no-no.
5)Um... Cant think of anymore. Dam. Matt, do you have anything to add?

We did not go to war to:
1) get there oil. Anyone who argues this is a moron.
2) Take them over.
3) Take there oil
4) For the fun of it and to be a bullie
5) Did i mention oil?
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