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Default Hi all of Virtual Teen!

Well I just found this introduction forum , I think I'll give it a try
How are all of the 2154 members of Virtual Teen
Well to start off, my name is Cristina (No, not Aguilera ). I am 14 years old and I live in a little town in Riverdale, yes in New York 8). My hobbies lie in art and music, I love to sing and draw. I also love (this may sound a little strange) to do algebra. I think it is just so entertaining to sit down and do algebraic expressions, equations, inequalities, polynomials, rational expressions and slopes. I don't know how algebra sparked my interest but I think it’s brilliant . I am currently a full time student (In my freshman year 8) ). I take courses in Algebra (Of course 8) ), World History (Joy ), English, Spanish, Career/ College/ SAT Preparation, Health, Music, Art, and Physical Education (Brings out my more athletic side ). I typically like any sport but I really enjoy basketball, baseball, soccer, football, and handball , but give me anything with a point and I will play . I love computers to death . Everything about the making of them, and fixing up problems, software, you name it. So you can probably guess I am on the computer most of the time . When I grow up I want to be a technician 8) (You know be with Microsoft, Dell, Gateway, etc. and answer you phone calls when you guys have problems running your computer ). My favorite season is the summer so I’m really waiting on the sun to shine bright and get this whole state HOT! And ready to take a dip in the pool.
Well that’s all folks
Take care of yourselves
“Until next time Cristina out” (Line idea taken from one of my favorite shows “American Idle”)
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