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Originally Posted by kutethang101 View Post
What are the different types of masterbation please tell?!!
There aren't too many different 'types' of masturbation just different ways do the same things.

1. Circling the clitoris with an index or middle finger.
2. Inserting a dildo-like item into the vagina (I strongly recommend that you use smaller items, for instance a thin felt marker) and spinning it around in a wide circle letting it hit the walls of your vaginal canal.
3. Inserting a dildo-like item into the vagina (I recommend your start small, for instance a thick felt marker but you may decide to upgrade to thicker items as time progresses.
4. Insert a rougher (but still safe) item into the vagina, like a finger, and locate and rub the G spot. It will be about 3-4 inches deep and will be somewhat rough and more sensitive. it will be on the side of the vaginal wall that's closest to the anus.
5. Vibrators usually stimulate the better orgasm but not always. use a low power vibrator pressed to your clitoris. These can be found in some walmarts.
6. Get/make a butt plug. It may sound nasty, but it can be both sanitary and extremely satisfying. just insert an item (that won't slide all the way into the anus) into the anus and use any other masturbation method with the butt plug still inside. This will greatly increase the orgasm.
7. Anal dildo. This is typically coupled with a clitoral method as well and will increases the orgasm. simply slide a dildo in and out of the anus.
8. If your breasts are developed enough to be put inside your mouth (most aren't, mine certainly aren't and I'm 15 so worry not) then sucking/licking/nibbling them is also a great was to enhance the orgasm.

Many things you see around you can be used as sex toys. Have fun, but be creative enough to do so while still being safe.

Originally Posted by lolinggirl View Post
does it hurt to place a finger or two into where you put tampons ( i never have) to masturbate when you're still a virgin? if so, how much does it hurt?
Not much if it all. If you use tampons then the skin covering your vaginal entrance has already been broken an it won't hurt nearly as much to masturbate via insertion.

If you're curious about it, you should try it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with exploring your own body.

Originally Posted by LoveandLetLove View Post
uhm, has anybody ever had pain from it? Like, I won't go into detail or anything, but I decided I was going to masturbate with a toothbrush (rounded end) and that's common for me, and afterwards, like the next day there has always been SOME form of discomfort, but never too too crazy, just felt like cramps. But this time is different, now it hurts when I urinate? Not pinching or anything, I just get the sensation that I REALLY HAVE TO PEE and it's just magnified is all. No I don't have a UTI (got checked two days ago) its been going on for about 5 days and i'm thinking I just bumped the front wall (where whatever that tube is called that lets you pee is). Anyways, i'm hoping this is a common problem, will it go away in a week or so? I dont know if I asked this in the right place, so if not, i'm sorry :c
Well, I've used toothbrushes before and never came across this particular problem. Is it red at all? It may just be irritated which can be soothed with vaginal cream. I recommend vagisil, I've had to use it before. It soothes irritation and inflammation. Also, when was your last period? The symptoms may just be ovulation or premenstal/postmenstal cramps.

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