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Originally Posted by Dolphus Raymond View Post
I am an agnostic. I do not think I am smart enough to truly know the existence of God. I also do not see God's existence as likely enough to justify following a religion, and could probably never follow a religion that required me to be absolutely certain.

I definitely respect religions for their humanist aspects, though. Even if I can't believe it, I try to do my best to respect belief.
Anyone can understand the existence of God. It's what you think He/She (or multiple He/She's) want you to do that is what makes everyone fight about which religion is the "right" train of thought. I, personally, was atheist for the longest time, but now I might actually convert to Greek Orthodox. I'm not sure why though. That religion just seemed to come apart from the rest.

Originally Posted by LateForTheSky
Muslims extremeists dont exist.
Really? Then, who might be defending themselves from the U.S.A. troops in Iraq? They are Muslim! (No offense towards and Muslims in the audience!) The only thing is that how do we know when a religion is being taken to the extreme? Who's definition of "extreme" are we looking at? The leader of our country? Their country? The "extremists" themselves? Is it when someone/people is/are dying? You know, I understand why George went to war, but wouldn't you think about who did it first? He did, but he didn't think about it for long. It was a poorly executed plan, by a college flunk (literally, he flunked, the only reason he graduated was because his father paid for four years in one check.)

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