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Originally Posted by kevin
I doubt 108. I'm just saying how they're going to configure their servers. It'll be a bottomless pit of money to keep them going. If it's really going to be that many people using it, then the servers will slowing wear down and slow down to the point we they'll just buy more. I don't see the point....
How much money do you think it costs AOL Time Warner to host enough servers to support the communications of 5.7 million people who use FREE aim every day?

even if your whole house is coded and wired with wild fire, it will still be extremely hard to reach that speed.
its called wireless G, and wireless g routers have a connectivity of 108 mbps.

i have a special Speed Booster and the best router on the market for a house
lol. my best friend has a $600 Juniper router with checkpoint firewall
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