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Originally Posted by popo92
you just have to put everything i sya down instead of just letting me voic emy opinion dont you? notice how were trying to make ourselves look good by donating more as we attack and alienate more poor countries. were dobnating that because we have to cover up the alienation thats going on. go ahead and say its out of my ass, but its my view of whats going on, my opinion, you have yours, yours may be mor ewell known and popular, but you could very well be wrong. non of us truly knows whats going on, the government isnt going to say whats actually happenening plain out, and we cnat trust what they do. whats going on may very well be a combination of both sides, but we probably wont ever know the full story. oh, lemme save you the time of saying it, quote nwshc"youre just pulling this out of your ass"quote
We donate money to help other countrys and people to get thru their tough times. Not to cover our asses...
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