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Default Microsoft Americanized it

I know there is a lot of xbox fans, but there are alot of people mor eimpressed by what the Ps3 can do rather than the 360.

Now Microsoft did something, that to me was a bad idea....They made the premiere of their next-gen console system flashy, by doing it on MTV, with this star studded event, instead of premiering it at E3, like its rivals Nintendo and Sony.

Then Bill gates is on the cover of Time magazine, with the 360, boasting about its power. then j. Allard does like Videos on the net u kow tellin us about the system.

Now me being American, I know that we like things big and Flashy, and you guys have to remember Microsoft is an American company....

now it might seem cool, but I think they should have waited until E3 to unveil the XBOX 360, it would of had a bigger wow factor, for the simple fact that the special on MTV, wasnt that great...and it tried to persuade the audience to get the 360, for all these things besides actual gaming......Like i was looking at the Video for Dead or Alive 4, and it reminded me of dead or alive 3....and all that 360 seems to be saying is look how much enemies could be on screen at once ( thats only when they decide to focus on their gaming).

Sony kept quiet about their system...and at E3, they wowed their audience....

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