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well there is a big debate going on,a bout if the things shown were pre-rendered or real-time for Sony...i believ somethings were pre-rendered, but There were things that were real-time.....

Like Fight Night round 3 was real time......and it looked absolutly amazing..

Now the big thing is Killzone 2, now sony didnt say if it was pre-rendered or not, but after seeing that, it could well possibly be real-time...i mean graphically wise it was like fight night...So i believe that the playstation 3 could generate power like that.

As for the press conferences....Sony dominated, no questions ask. Nintendo showed no controller or even gameplay...and they probably screwed themselves over by doing that.....This is freakin E3...we want to see what we are dealing with...and if you fail to deliver...then people will just be like who for xbox was another dissapointment...they waited forever to show gameplay....and it wasnt that didnt have a shock value like ps3.......

As for the specs...Sony has a much morepowerful system than 360 and probably revolution.
because the
-xbox 360 is 10x more powerful than the xbox
- nintendo revolution is 3 times more powerful than the gamecube
- and the ps3 is 35 times more powerful than the Ps2

My sony fans would know..that if u look at the new controller for looks different, but that doesnt mean it will feel different....the button lay out is the exact same, so holding the controller wont feel that much different, it just resembles a boomerang......which by the way I think is cool.

As for the belongs to Sony.....I am not saying that the 360 is a bad system....because it isnt....But Sony has this in the bag....

For revolution...they should have told us more...and that could be there downfall.....I think nintendo needs to stop making systems....and start focusing more on their games and handhelds...because thats what most people buy.

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