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Trust me, if you had ADHD you'd know it because i have it and mine is soo bad that i am on the highest perscription for my specific ADHD medicine vyvanse and its at about 70 mg if this ends up slowly becoming less and less effective then i may have to get a different medicine that will allow me to take a higher dose or i will have to attempt to control it myself and that is no easy feat and trust me, you don't want to be around me when i don't take my medicine because at school, i am almost always around the girl i like and that makes it even harder to concentrate and stay still and even the slightest thing that could spark my anger would instantly become a roaring fire that engulfs anything in it's path and i end up becoming dangerous, so taking me off my medicine would be disastrous and it would pull my grades down dramatically and i would be even more stressed because just controling it enough to write this is taking almost all my willpower and i have to make sure that i don't get angry about anything at this moment or the entire computer will end up through one of the walls of my house. so, take my word for it, you would definately know if you had it because you'd be unable to sit still or focous on nything for more than a few seconds and even that's a stretch. there is no way that you could have ADHD and not know about it even if you didn't know what it was.
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