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I was kind of Iffy about the controller for Ps3 but looking at it, it isnt bad......if you look at it carefully, itll feel the same, the buton layout is the that didnt change, you guys r making the fact that it looks like a boomerang, making it looks bad, but it isnt....

the playstation 3 is waaay better than the is faster and more powerful.....

Did any of u guys see the display for this game using the eye toy, its called eyedentity.......I have never seen anything like that for a game......

You see yourself on the screen..and u command these 2 female spies, but they respond to what u say, like If you say a joke....theyll laugh and one of them would be like "stop laughing, cuz i don't get the joke".

It is unfreakinbelieavable...and u could give them orders....and they actually Maziing.....

Killzone 2 looks amazing...and you guys have to see Tekken 6....OMG....and Gran turismo.....OMG........and did i mention up to 7 controllers.....7..

PS3 kicks major microsoft ass.

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