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I used to have really bad nightmares everynight, then one night I was sick of it so I faced my fear's, I know it sounds corney but it's true. That one nightmare taught me to control my dreams (lucid dream). So now its like my consious mind is always there, if my dreams get bad I just either pull out so it feels like I'm just watching a movie, or with just a thought I change it. I don't have nightmares anymore. So next time when your dreaming and your about to die look at where you are, at how ridiculous the whole thing is and tell yourself its not real, if your still not convinced die then come back. My first time I kept telling myself it isn't real but it wasn't working so I let myself die, then I came back and in complete control. So now all I do is remember its a dream and I decide what happens in my dreams.

I leant how to do that along time ago, but over the past year or so I just plain old can't fall alseep, I don't know why. Take for instance now it's 4:14am and I can't sleep.

Face your fears, it helps.
The only thing to fear is fear itself.

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