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Just did this, might as well add it on right here, I dont feel like making a new topic for it, its small and not worth a new topic, here it is.

These lies that hurt so much, this pain that we cant touch, you wont see it, you wont notice it, not till you see the blood and blade, thats when youll notice how bad it hurt when you said, I don't love you that way, only as a friend. All those things you said, a lie? were you serious? you loved me with all your life you couldnt live without me? No it was a lie, you never meant a word, never thought of how bad itd make me feel, when you said, "Censored" ( i like you ) Censored ( just as a friend, ) Me ( why, why couldnt you be open tell me before it dug into my soul; why rip it out when its in the deepest why twist that blade in my heart, why couldnt you have been more open, did i do something wrong when i promised you my life, when i told you my blood was yours when i told you my life was yours, when i let you know how i felt how you made me feel worth staying alive and when you left, it took away everything ripping it out twisting those feelings into the dirt, leaving a feeling that was no feeling an emptyness that was nothing, a feeling of self hatred, and the thought of how i love you, im sorry i was selficous and didn't think of your happiness, i promised id sacrifice my life, if it means sacrificing my happiness as well... fine.
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