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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

I just joined today and found this topic very interesting.

There is a huge difference in the sexual pleasure a guy gets from being uncut versus a guy who is cut.

The foreskin provides the following benefits:

1) Keeps the head (glans) of the penis covered and moist. If you look at the glans of a guy over 30 years old who was cut as an infant, you'll see that the glans is not smooth at all, it has ridges and wrinkles. This is due to keratinization, which is the body's way of protecting what was supposed to be an internal organ (the glans), but is now exposed to the air and constant friction against clothing. The glans on most cut guys over 40 years old have NO SENSITIVITY at all. Try stroking your finger on your heel of your foot. Then try stroking your finger on the arch of your foot. Feel the difference. The heel has undergone the same keratinization that the glans of a cut guy does.

2) The very tip of the foreskin has ridges that contain tens of thousands of nerves that provide intense sexual stimulation and sensation. Cut guys do not have these ridges.

3) There are thousands of nerves underneath the foreskin that also contribute to sexual excitement and pleasure. Cut guys do not have any of these nerves.

4) During intercourse, the gliding action of the foreskin enhances comfort and pleasure for BOTH sexual partners. Cut guys do not have the ability to experience the gliding action as there is nothing left to glide, and their partners experience a much rougher feeling from the thrusting required by a cut guy to reach orgasm.

To summarize, the foreskin provides highly specialized nerves who's entire purpose is to enhance sexual pleasure.

The foreskin keep the glans covered, smooth and moist, thus protecting the nerve ending on the glans, which in turn, provide additional sexual pleasure.

The foreskin provides a gliding action over the glans which provides additional sexual pleasure.

Cut guys have NONE of this and as they age, will find that their only sexual pleasure in the penis will come from PRESSURE as opposed to SENSATION.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but all you cut, young guys on here should really consider techniques for regrowing skin on the end of your penis that will at least keep the glans covered. You'll never be able to restore your foreskin, but at least you'll be able to have a glans that maintains sensitivity for the rest of your life.
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