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Default Re: Saddest song you've ever heard?

My Immortal- Evanescense

Black- Pearl Jam

Jeremy- Pearl Jam

Falls Apart- Hurt

Mad World- Gary Jules

Youth Of The Nation(About Columbine, they really said it like it is)- P.O.D

What Hurts The Most- Rascal Flatts

The Day Seattle Died- Neil Young (About Kurt Cobain)

The Pursuit- Evans Blue

Be Yourself- Audioslave

I Will Remember You- Sarah Mclachlan

Angel- Sarah Mclachlan

Listen To Your Heart- DHT

Concrete Angel- Melissa, I don't know her last name...

Better Than Me- Hinder

Into The West(The song at the end of Lord Of The Rings)- Annie Lennox

One Step Up- Bruce Springsteen

Hallelujah- Jeff Buckly

With Or Without You- U2

Nutshell- Alice In Chains

It's Been Awhile- Staind

Don't Cry- Guns n' Roses

Something In The Way- Nirvana

Gone Away- The Offspring

So Far Away- Staind

Down In A Hole- Alice In Chains

After The Glitter Fades- Stevie Nicks

Tom Mcrae - Walking 2 Hawaii(Falling Feels Like Flying Until You Hit The Ground, sad)

Life Is Beautiful- Sixx AM

Seasons In The Sun- idk who it's by, but it reminds me of a friend who died.

Far Away- Nickelback

I'll Be There For You- Bon Jovi (Sappy, but it's a good love song)

The Unforgiven- Metallica

Californication- The Red Hot Chili Peppers

That's all I can think of for right now

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