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1. Libertarian Party (United States)
2. Right Libertarian
3. In the sense that there should be no government regulation, yes. I still think it's wrong.
4. For the most part.
5. Of course not.
6. Nope!
7. No, not after the NDAA.
8. No.
9. No!
10. Yes
11. Yes
12. Of course not, I respect all faiths.
13. Yes, for signing the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.
14. Constitutional Republic
15. If it isn't taxpayer funded, it isn't my business.
16. I would never support a draft.
17. Yes
18. No
19. Excuse me?
20. Susan C. Davis
21. Dianne Feinstein and Barbra Boxes (Yes, I knew Senators and Representatives with no Googling!)
22. Male
23. Yes
24. 13
25. Middle Class
26. Heterosexual.
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