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Originally Posted by SocKs
no actulay you dont, if you just say the same thing over and over again, that is called spam. Spam is not allowed, if you want to spam go to the spam place and spam all you want in there about how much you dont want to get the second XBOX. Just dont keep putting that shit here.
I've missed you soooooo much!

Yea i'm not gonna buy a 360 right when it comes out it will be extremly expensive. I'll wait a lil while and hope the price goes down. But yes I agree I think the Xbox 360 is going to be very expensive.

What I think there doing is making diffrent models inorder to try and bring the price down like gold, silver, broze er w/e depending on the equipment inside. So unless your willing to pay big bucks your not gonna get this huge powerful system but you will be able to get a less poweful one thats allot cheeper.

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