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HELL YEAH crack is dangerous. The high you experience when you're on it is the drug basically changing your brain chemistry, and increasing the levels of dopamine to dangerous levels, resulting in a feeling of europhoria. This feeling will usually last for about 15 minutes, but after that the dopamine levels decrease again, and when that happens you are usually left feeling depressed and pretty low.
When this happens the user usually wants more of the drug to get that high again, and taking icreased amounts of the drug is quick succession usually leads to the high become less intense, making the user believe they need more and more. This is why the drug is so damn addictive, basically.
Crack cocaine use (even recreationally) can lead to depression. This is due to the large amounts of dopamine released into the brain as a result of taking the drug, and the brain finds it harder to generate motivation for other activities. Another problem is the large amount of adrenaline it releases into the body, which tends to increase heart rate and blood pressure, which can lead to cardiovascular problems.
This drug is extremely dangerous, and while they high may feel good, it's not worth it for the problems it causes.

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