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Well basically, they really are economic genious', but it's really sleazy what they did. Long story, but I'll try to explain best I can.

What is Java?

Java is a language developed by Sun Microsystems. It is used for many things like online games and chats and is also a decendent of the programming languages of C and C++. The best thing about it is that it ensures cross platform (Windows XP, Mac, Unix...) compatibility which also includes cell phones and other consumer electronic devices.

What happened?

The first version of javascript was called LiveScript. It was netscape's first small scripting capabilities. And then microsoft bought it to control it company wide and not only netscape. At this time of LiveScript, Java had come out. Microsoft wanted to integrate Java in their own way with microsoft. Remember that Java has cross platform capabilities. But Sun Microsystems then retaliated saying that it would defeat the purpose of Java. So then microsoft decided if they can't do it their own way, they wouldn't do it at all and drop Java from the whole microsoft operating system. So then they went to court, and microsoft was charged for unfairly dropping Java. So when Java officially came out, all they hype was going to them. So while microsoft finished working their majic with LiveSript 2.0, they renamed it to Javascript, even though there's no similarity to the two languages at all.

Microsoft still got bundles of attention for it, but a very sleazy move.
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