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Originally Posted by Gandalf View Post
And I love christmas.
Yes, I will not deny that there are many teachings and Christian gatherings that deal with Christmas Day and the birth of Jesus Christ. But the idea of Christmas dates back before Jesus Christ was born. The "Christmas tree" was actually regarded as a worshiped object thus making Pagans the ones who made Christmas first. And you know how when someone stands under mistletoe and they have to kiss? Yup, that's from Pagans also.

The idea of Christmas then got embedded into the Roman empire - which was made up of Christians. They just changed some things that Pagans only believed in and made it more Christian-like. And then that's how it pretty much made it to modern times, as well. Though, all throughout history, several different Christian religions have outlawed Christmas - claiming that it's either of a witchcraft or pagan nature. One example that still remains today are the adherents of the Jehovah's Witness faith.

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