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Default Re: e-safety and banned users

If someone is banned, its very smart to assume they were banned for a good reason and we do not welcome them on the site. By being banned the administration feels that it would be against the member's interest to be in contact with this person. Anyone that is banned from here you should not contact off site for any reason.

Now there have been instances where "trusted and respected" members have been banned and the administration felt it was necessary to make a statement about it due to the fact a large numbers of users were in contact with this person. Despite warnings, still a number of users remained in contact with the person even after our statements. We can provide information on a case by case basis and we do have a rank that shows a member is banned... so nobody is left in the dark. VT does its part by removing the user from the site and updating the rank to let the community know they were banned. After that, its out of our hands and we are not the internet police. We can't tell you not to or enforce you not to talk to a banned user.

If a member is really concerned they can talk to administrator about it and perhaps they can get some information. Any administrator will gladly inform any user if the situation is very serious. But people are banned from this site every day and if you really need to be informed that thoroughly on every banning then you really need to reconsider your selectivity when adding members to your IM.

The internet is a dangerous place. Please be safe and don't add every person that talks to you.

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