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Originally Posted by Twitcherz
Well it was great!!!!!!!! I was in the mosh pits for all three bands. I was crushed, elbowed, punched etc. But the atmosphere was amazing. Still Remains warmed up the crowd well getting everyone moshing, 3 inches of blood were up next, they were in my opinion the best band of the night, Deadly sinners was a great finish to their set. Then came Trivium, the final act, these were great aswell even throwing in a cover of Master of Puppets at the end. Like light to the flys was brilliant and when everyone thought it was over, the crowd chanted for an encore, and we got one, Pull harder on the strings of your martyr, this was the best pit and the final one. A great gig, they said theyre coming abck, i cant wait
sounds pretty painfull i hope you didnt get that hurt but it sounds so exiting..ive never been to any concert in my life...well xept for a britney spears concert in madison square gardens . Ive only heard of 3 inches of blood from one person in my musoc class other than that i dont kno much about any of them. My friends brother is into metal and rock and he does this sort of dance that people do where you throw yourself up against other people or something and after a cocert he comes back bruised but he loves it
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