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Default These are my eyes, : it means alot to me tonight is a hrble.

Want to see it through my eyes, cry for an hour choking on each tear, no one around the room dark and music softly playing sad and mournful music it is, cry and scream, the pain of loneliness and no one around to hold you helplessness and afraid you keep crying losing breath every time you cough trying to stop shaking and trembling on your own hatred of yourself your sadness takes over your body you keep choking trying to breath but your in such a depression you pass out, you wake up a few hours later, its still dark, the music is still playing and you have tears in your eyes your body aches. You have a knife in one hand and your left arm is bleeding, you stand up still silently crying slowly you open you’re bedroom door, walk through the house, no ones around… its empty and quiet. You’re still sad, and have no one to hold you, you go outside its raining and its windy, staring into a puddle you see a dim and dank reflection of yourself matted down hair teary red eyes bloody arm and blade in hand; these are you’re DarkReflections and that’s my eyes…

Tonight I believe i've brought myself to a new point in controlling my emotions, its not a good thing but it lets me make it through the day and not make others wonder. all this is written and not thought out a bit, im still crying, while i type, this isnt anything i ever thought would hurt so much...
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