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My mom is loosing it, shes going crazy. Ive made a few mistakes in school with drugs, and now she has convinced herself that I am on the path to hell and self destruction. She wont believe me when i say i want to fix my mistakes and fix my problems. Instead, she wants other people to beat what she wants into me. Thats why she sent me to an all boys boarding school for the past two years. Thats why she is going to send me to a boot camp this summer, and after that i will probobly end up going to a therapeautic boarding school where i wont see the light of day until im 18. She thinks love is how much money she spends on profesionals.

I stopped loving her when I figured out she was crazy, and that her expectations for life were so far from what they should be its insane. She claims ive broken her heart by doing this, but i know its a guilt trip shes putting herself through. Shes trying to make me feel bad for her, but its not working. I dont feel any love for my mother, she owns me for one and a half more years, and shes gona spend every second and every dolar trieing to beat her love into me.

The funny thing is, what im doing to her is exactly what she did to her own parents. Her mom was even more crazy than she is, and once my mom figured taht out, she removed herself from that family. What my mom doesnt realize, is that she is doing alot of the same things that her mom did, and im going to end up doing the same thing she did to her mom. I just hope that one day, when im grown up and have a job and family, she will realize what a piece of shit she has been, and how she robbed me of pretty much robbed me of a childhood.
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