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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Penis Size Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by Phoenix Vermillion View Post
If you're talking about the increased length between flaccid and erect, then yes; some penises are just under their "max length" when flaccid, and others are like way under.
And as far as normality goes for length, I can't say as I'm no penispert :/
Yeah, he's right. There could be two guys who are 6" when erect, and one of them could be 4.5" when flaccid, while the other could 2" when flaccid. I don't believe size flaccid really effects anything. 5" is a little under average (probably), the average adult size is 6", but anything over 4" will satisfy a girl... So 5" is fine, and you might still grow (puberty can end as late as the age of 21 I believe [possibly even later?]), but yeah, don't worry, as long as its not like 2" when erect, you're fine/normal.

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