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Wow this is the worst friday the 13th, firstly, let me explain, I have three friends, I consider or now considered my best friends, I used to tell them everything, but then ever since last week, one of them has been avoiding me, she ignores me in the halls, nebver talks to me when were with our friends, then last weekend, thursday night, I call her and tell her to come over and well hang out, and she says "no, my dad wont let me", turns out she went to a movie, with a group of ppl shes not even friends with, friday night: "we had decided to get together and at the last minute, her dad wont let her, so I figure okay, wtv I understand, but heres the worst, saturday we were suppsoed to meet up to go shopping, and guess what, her dad wont let her, I dont think this is normal, so its bringing me really down, because she was a very dear friend, now as for my other two, well one of them still talks to me, butshe has a bf so were not as close, adn the last one, well he was making a joke one day, about stealing this ovie from a girl, as a joke, and told me not to tell anyone (Even thoguh it was a joke) and I accidentally let it slip out, to a friend who ocuoldnt care less and has forgotten, and now my friend [ractically ignores me...I HATE MY LIFE, I was in class today, and seriously considered jumping out the ppen window right next to me, none of my friends like me, they ditch me for other groups, and I jsut feel soo alone...sorry I just needed to let it out

thanks for listening
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