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Originally Posted by nwshc
The armed forces are over there helping the iraqies. No to kill every one of them. If they didnt want to help them, they would have left.

The soldiers interact with the iraqies. Talk to the people and ask them whats going on. They get on a level with the iraqies that make them feel safe.

They get running water, electricity, and basic things like that going everyday. If they all hated the iraqies, they wouldnt do that. Sure there are bad eggs in the military. Like that Engleheart i think her name is. But that is going to happen. There isnt one war ever that never had prision abuse. NEVER!!!

In conclution, they are there to keep america safe, free and keep the iraqies safe, and kill any terrorist that threaten that.
i know that alot of them are trying to help but i think the goverenment is trigger happy. the pentegon ordered 77 thousand body bags for the iraqis in that war..
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