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Default Re: Is there more Black Racism in the modern US then white racism? (discuss)

Well the way I look at racism is basically a strugle for power. I see it as an arms race other than just pure hatered of eachother. but I live in a mainly white community in Xenia, Ohio. Now granted I do see African American people but it's very rare if you od here. But the thing I hate most and this is true is how they always blame African Americans for stealing and commiting crimes that they more than likely didn't do. Plus you have to look at what this does to younger children. What if their mom and dad are racist? You have to put a look on alot of people of how it all affects them. Look at the gangs in the US. you have Crips and Bloods and alot more. And it has power over many people especially tennagers. Just yesterday I was watching my local news when a story came up with gang violence going on in a school bus. One of the them was shouting "Northside bitch!" the other "Southside Ni**er!" It's awful of what affects it has on people.

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