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Default Re: Is there more Black Racism in the modern US then white racism? (discuss)

Racism is not dying, people are just becoming equally racist. But I have a serious question, why are blacks allowed to call each other the n* word, and whites/etc. not allowed to call them the n* word? And I still believe that being racist towards blacks is the most prominent racism in the U.S., but the poor Mexicans and those of Middle East origin are starting to be looked at funny too. Whites don't react to racism the way some other cultures/races do. At my school... You say cracker, beaner; you call someone of Middle Eastern origin a terrorist, you say ginger,ect.. There is no punishment... Now if you say the N word (now here's a huge hint to where I live, not the exact state, but definitely a good idea), you could get suspended indefinitely as the word is illegal (in a sense) in my state (in other words you could get a lot more than a suspension for saying the N word). Anyways... my question is.. if that word is now illegal (in the sense that you better not use it when any cops are around), why don't they make other racist words illegal? And is there truly as bad a word as the N word? Anyways... whites still get away with hate crime... while blacks are targeted every fucking day as both victims and suspects.

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