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Hahaha! LMAO!! i just saw that advert.... hehe

Originally Posted by JoYofPepSi2003
blame it on ur dog Haha, it will make ur self esteem go up lol... im j/p... i think a wire fell off or something... or unplug it and plug it back in... maybe one of the prongs fell out
Haha! your actually suggesting i reach round the back of my computer which, might i add, has a tendancy to plot against me and fiddle with thanks! hehe of the 'prongs'....yes, thats exactly what i was thinking....*looks around*.....

Soooooo......*whispers quietly* whats a 'prong' then? .....hehe

Lol yeah i think ill just blame it on my dog, Arnie mwa ha haaa!!!

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