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Originally Posted by kevin
How old is it? Do you use it alot, if so is it rubber?
Last question, is it still making a sound when you scroll?
Erm, ok hehe!.....1. its a couple of years old.....actually im not sure cos the computers a few years old but we got a new mouse....i think.....hmm.....haha...sorry im not too good at this .....i cant remember but its defo not new.....

2. Yeah the scrolly thing looks kinda rubbery .....

3. Yeah everything still happens exactly as before except the screen just doesnt move down with still makes the noise and moves doesnt feel jammed or anything....the buttons still work and everything....

Originally Posted by JoYofPepSi2003
(Is this the ridiculously stupid thing that i was wating for )
Haha! no im afraid that isnt the ridiculously stupid thing..... anyway *changes subject quickly* lol as far as know i didnt spill on it.....i was using it at the time it stopped working so i cant even blame anyone else lol...

Thanks very much for replying everyone

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