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Originally Posted by theonetheycallbob View Post
Now had a straight person said that, there would be a HUGE problem with that. I don't see why its okay for a gay person to say such things but a striaght person says it, and theres heck to pay. But that is a different debate.

This is a highly sterotypical post. Not ALL gay people are "flammers" some are act "normal." Just remeber that sterotyping always ends badly.
And what is "Normal". there is no normal everyone is normal if they are acting true to themselves. And if flammers do the annoying screetchy voice and walking shaking their ass from one side of the room to the other, then I'll will be annoyed but it wont be because their gay it will just be because its annoying. Truth is I dont like the way some people act, wrong i know but a dont care. I would never hate anybody because they are gay, black, christian etc. Because its wrong a mean WHO am I to judge another person, I am merely different from them. Flammers choose to act that way thats why i dont like them not their sexuality them. People are who they are,
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