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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by sroy18 View Post
i hate bein cut espec as i live in ireland i was only guy in my year who was cut and hated getin changed in p.e as i thougt every1 wouod of laughed, but im thinkin of gettin an operition if there is one to get my foreskin back any advice pleaese send personal mail

I can understand your feeling different, and the discomfort you experience (in the USA it's the reverse, though). Same advice, though. Accept yourself for who you are, and maybe enjoy the simple little fact that you're special in some very personal (although currently too public) a way.

There are surgical techniques (and of course the ultra silly 'restoration', which results in a deformity)that sorta give you the kinda appearance of foreskin, but the function is different since the skin is different, and there's considerable pain involved. It might be easier to look at it as something very special and neat about you.
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