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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Well, I've never had a girl friend. Never had any interest in one. I never had any interest in a boy friend either. I went quite a while without even giving any of it any thought.

Then, two years ago, I had a summer job with Two Twin Guys I know, that I went to school with, and I eventually got to the point where there was one of them I was really attracted to. Never really had been attracted to anyone before, so I definitely noticed it. Of course, it got worse over time, but eh. He has a girl friend, and of course, nothing would ever happen between us. But, since then, I've come to the conclusion that I like guys, and I'd love to have a relationship with one, but I'm too shy for that to happen anytime soon. I'm still working on coming out to my Family. I did to a few friends, and one of My Sisters. Also, to My mom Two years ago, but she didn't seem to believe me at the time, and I do believe has forgotten about it, or decided that I was just confused, and nothing has been said since between us about it.

Many Years ago, I THOUGHT I liked Girls, for a time, but I'm thinking it was mainly just me thinking that since I was "Supposed" to like them, that I did. I never gave the opposing idea any thought, until that.

I've had a few people I've liked, one of which is a "fairly" close friend, and he knows it. But they've all been Straight, and Have no intention of Returning the Feelings.

The FIRST time I MIGHT have an the SLIGHTEST Idea I was gay was Perhaps in 4th Grade. There was this guy a grade or two ahead (Perhaps more? I can't remember anymore) that I had this odd feelings towards. Never really understood it. All I knew was their first name, but some reason there was something strange about them. For whatever reason I had this Idea that there was something "Magic" about them. Yeah. Don't ask me to explain the thoughts of a 4th Grader, even IF I was that Fourth Grader. Because, I honestly don't know.

Fun Stuff. :-/

- Bill

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