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My head's resting on her back and he's lying across my stomach. His feet prop up her head and she's supporting his legs. She's lying right across his arm and he lies with his head on her shoulder...
And so it continues, us lying there like cogs in a wheel, interlinked and interlocked until you don't where I begin and she ends.
And draped here, with my face tilted towards the sky, I watch the clouds being silhouetted against the inside of my eyelids as the sun works it's way deep inside my skin.
Sharing the music between us, one set of headphones between two, fingers tap against slightly damp soil and lips move in synchronised timing.
Meaningless chatter washes over me like surf and I squint my eyes into narrow slits so I can view the person that just directed a question at me. Answers are batted back and forth and laughter bubbles constantly as a low background noise.
Looking to my left, long blades of soft grass brush against my cheek and to my right, the group of people that I have become a part of. Up, and all I see is blue and white as the sky smiles down at me in it's simplicity.
The bell to signal the end of break drifts inside my thoughts and the wheel breaks apart as we all move to stand up. Suddenly, we're all seperate and alone and extremely vulnerable now that we've lost our 'safety in numbers'. You can see a slight shadow in people's faces as they realise that they've lost the comfort of the giant nest we had created on the ground but, retaining composure, we all walk in opposite directions.
All that's left to show that we had existed at all, is the imprint of our bodies in the soft ground.


Woah, a whole bunch of cliches there....
I should post here less...hehe

*...All the possibility and promise just weighs on me so heavily...*
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