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Default Re: The New Diary Request Forum

Originally Posted by foamy View Post
Title: The Residence
Description: Rabid squirrel. Enter at your own risk.
Owner: foamy.
Originally Posted by TheHumanSpirit View Post
Title: The Wondrous Spirit
Description: A diary that encompasses the wondrous recollections of events that take place in my daily life as a way for me to better understand myself while reaching out to others.
Owner: TheHumanSpirit
Originally Posted by Silver Assassin View Post
Title: Assassin Games HQ
Description: Play the Assassin Games, have fun!
Owners: Silver Assassin, Vomitus
Originally Posted by CyanideGoodnight View Post
Title: Bucket of Chicken
Description: This actually has nothing to do with chicken. Or buckets.
Owner: CyanideGoodnight
Originally Posted by Trail.Blazer View Post
Title: Blazing Wildfires
Description: Watch your step, you might get burnt....
Owner: Me (Haven't chosen co-owners).
Originally Posted by Breakeven View Post
Title: Fuck The World
Description: welcome to hell, have fun
Owner: Me and Selrahc and Gandalf
Originally Posted by Nirvana View Post
Name: Kurt Cobain Journals
Description: Into the mind and thoughts of Kurt Cobain
Owner: Nirvana
Originally Posted by Sephtyan View Post
Title: Occasional Epiphanies

Descrption: Learn things you may not know about the human psych, and contribute your two cents on how people work.

Owner: Sephtyan
Alright guys, dont think I've forgotten about the list, real soon I'm going to be doing a diary clean up as I always do periodically. So just wanted to let you guys know it's going to be taken care of and you weren't forgotten about. Thank you for your patience, its very much appreciated.

Contact me if you need to talk. I'm always here to help all
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