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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by allan121101 View Post
i masturbat 7 times a day some times more is that bad and my penis is 7 inchis is that good
7 times a day does seem a little excessive, but there isn't really a problem as long as your penis feels ok, looks ok, works ok and masturbation isn't getting in the way of other things in your life. 7" is slightly above average for a fully developed adult, so that's fine.

Originally Posted by CuriousAero View Post
My cum is sometimes white and sometimes clear, Is there something wrong? Does that mean I masterbate too much?
There's nothing wrong with that at all. When it's whiter and thicker that juts means that there's slightly more actual sperm in the semen, rather than clear when there's slightly less. It's nothing to worry about. If you're masturbating a lot then it's possible that your body can't keep up sperm production to fuel each ejaculation.

Originally Posted by DoctorWhat
Age is just a number. Yeah? Prison is just a room.
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call me harsh but you have to be a mega-attention seeker if you feel the need to announce that you're leaving.
Originally Posted by Jon
i'm too busy licking my own arse to bother with ears
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So one time when i was watching her house
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