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Aww, Kevin im so sorry but i just want to say you're a great person, i mean just the other day you were the one encourageing me when i was worried about my presentation, i cant describe how much that means to me....You're extremely funny, ive lost count of the amount of times ive cracked up in front of my computer screen after things that you say seriously, ppl are beginning to wonder about me ....

But please dont feel bad that you feel this way, its not your fault so try to keep from questioning and blaming yourself. You may not think there are bad parts in your life right now, but what about in the past? Has anyone made you doubt yourself or you achievements in any way? It sounds as if you are unable to believe in yourself and give yourself praise, i mean, when you think you've done something good, you quickly start to bring yourself down and without anyone else stepping in and confirming what you first thought, you just get even lower and lower. I know this is much easier said than done but you have to try to find a way do you can start to believe in yourself as well as believing yourself, if that makes sense?
Can i ask how long you've been feeling like this cos it may be an idea to get some professional help....Have you tried talking to anyone about this? Maybe a family member or a close friend? I know how difficult that can be but it can help so much....
Im so sorry that you're feeling like this and i wish there was more i could do. You know im always here if you want to talk...

You're the best

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