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Default Re: Oral: Sex or Not?

No, you can't get HIV from kissing. If you want to see resources of this knowledge, ask. The only way of getting HIV from kissing is if one person is bleeding from the mouth or one has a cut in their mouth and another person has a cut in their mouth.

Please read my post that's just above yours, not above Valerie. If HIV is a sex thing, then that must mean bleeding is sex too. Don't get sassy with me.

Edit: Also, oral sex could be considered a form of sex to lose your virginity over, because for some people (gay and straight alike), it's a loving thing to do in bed or a way to share your body with someone (yeah tacky wording, I know )

Some gay men even choose to have oral sex and nothing else. Even more so, if we classified every type of intercourse (vaginal, anal, and oral) as breaking your virginity, then why do some use the term "I'm a anal virgin" etc? If we had to classify everything in one, personally, I'd put all 3 in the same catagory because they're all risky to do, but a way to share feelings and emotions between a person.

But of course there's the argument that sharing feelings an emotions can also be done through mutual masturbation, which some couples prefer or stick to. Still, that isn't nearly as dangerous as oral, anal, and vaginal, so that's why I classify it this way. It's just my opinion

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