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Originally Posted by A.J. View Post
ska is a form of punk, which happens to be really good.
You're first fact is already wrong. Do a little research before you try arguing. Ska is from JAMAICA. is punk? No, they were formed in two completely different areas, Ska PUNK does exist but it's not SKA. When Ska was revived in America with the third wave, ska punk came into existence. But before that ska was it's own genre and still is. That's like saying because the Hardcore scene derived from punk, that it's punk. Clearly isn't, but it does share some characteristics.

Originally Posted by A.J. View Post
Sum 41 is actually an extremely talented band maybe if you knew anything about em youd like em.
So suddenly "knowing about them" will make their music less generic? The word talented should only be used when talking about their marketing strategies.

Quick example of "talent". One of the more infamous locals from Ottawa in the punk scene is a drummer. He learned how to play Sum 41 songs first on drums, because they're quite easy (at least for anyone with muscle, noting that he's a Gravedigger). Everyone in the punk scene knows Sum 41 as alternative.

Does this make them BAD? No. You seem to have this mentality that if they're considered anything but punk they lose all credibility.

They make decent Altern.rock.

Originally Posted by A.J. View Post
NOFX is a great punk band and rage against the machine, one of the most political and controversial bands who made heavy anarchist music isnt punk?
NOFX is just known for trying too hard. If you listen to a real punk band, you'll notice not every song has to be OMG GOVERNMENT.

They're decent, but get tiring quickly.

Rage Against The Machine a good Punk ROCK band, they do play punk rock but not punk.

And saying anarchist when referring to RATM hurts your case, they're not anarchists. And stating anarchist music makes someone punk? Lame.

I guess Public enemy is punk? I guess Marilyn Manson is punk?

No nononononononn.

Learn before you speak and realize genres aren't the end all of bands.

I listen to a band that you'd instantly go OMG PUNK, but they play Nu-Jazz. <3
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