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Default Re: What are you guys doing to help with your OCD?

I do have some symptoms of OCD, but I've never been diagnosed. If I do have OCD it doesn't majorly affect me. A couple extra minutes on a school project cause a line doesn't look straight or running every dish or silverware I use under the faucet before I use it aren't huge deals.

Were you doing the facial expression a certain number of times? Were you around other people when you were doing it or the blinking? I know involuntary facial ticks like that are a symptom of Tourettes Syndrome, but they usually only occur when you're nervous or anxious.

As for the calf thing. I do this too, but not because I'm afraid something bad will happen. I just do it to do it. The fact that you do it because you're afraid something bad will happen does sound like OCD though.

If you feel that you need to talk someone, you should. Even if it isn't your dad, you could tell a teacher or other adult at school, maybe another trusted adult, or even a trusted friend.

Good luck.

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